One thing sportbikes are not known for is comfort. Ordinarily, I'd say that if comfort is what you want, get a Super Duke GT. That isn't the case here, though. While the Super Duke R will feel comfortable on any race track, KTM also made it comfortable for the street as well.

The 760 mm (30-inch) wide handlebars are adjustable to one of four positions over 21 mm (just under one inch) of travel, allowing riders control over how aggressive or relaxed their riding position is. The footpegs are adjustable to two positions, either lower and forward for comfort, or higher and rearward for an aggressive stance. Even the gearshift can be reversed from the standard one-down, five-up to five-down, one-up, which lets you just stomp on the shifter (without the clutch, thanks to the quick shifter) as you unleash the Beast's full acceleration power.

The seats are even well-padded and comfortable. That's right, seats. While two different pillion covers are available, the bike will take passengers in reasonable comfort, with far more than the pincushion seat that most other bikes built primarily for speed offer.